Welcome to Domain Name Marketing Group, LLC

    “Internet Marketing, Advertising, and Business Consulting Experts”

DNMG provides customized internet marketing solutions and internet technology consulting, focusing on cost efficiency and creating an extremely high return on investment (ROI). DNMG mixes the traditional fundamentals of marketing with the advanced internet technologies of today, to create powerful lead generation marketing plans.

We are Local Internet Marketing experts:  Our Local Dominance Philosophy is an approach that insures actively shopping customers will see your products or services. We are Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign management experts and have vast experience using the AdWords, Microsoft adCenter with Yahoo, & Facebook advertising platforms.  Once we dominate your local market we have the ability to compound your growth by going regional, national, or global.

Our Services

DNMG focuses on providing marketing and consulting services in a cost effective method with measurable results. Our top services are highlighted below:

Local Internet Marketing

Local Internet Marketing is an integral aspect of any business. Whether your company is a law firm, clothing retailer, or construction company, reaching potential clients via the internet is mandatory. DNMG focuses on creating cost efficient, high ROI, internet marketing campaigns. Learn More

Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign Management

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaigns

DNMG manages effective Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns. We work with contractors, law firms, and everything inbetween.  Using the power of persuassive ad copy and premium ad placement our PPC knowledge will get you new clients.  We can help your business get more leads, sell more product, or both. Read More

Domain Name Strategies

DNMG’s vast marketing experience includes creating effective company names, websites, and ultimately “catch phrases” that sell. We use our industry knowledge to create or acquire domain names that fit your companies marketing goals. It is often necessary to own more than one website… Read More

Product & Service Marketing

Efficient marketing is about putting your product or service in front of consumers at the time they are looking to act. While branding is important, it is a separate process from marketing. This often misunderstood concept causes many companies to lose money through inefficient campaigns. Learn More

Website & Logo Design Consulting

Does your logo capture the message you are trying to share with your customers? Is your website created to look “pretty”, or to convert visitors into clients? Website & Logo Design is crucial to providing the appropriate “first impression” to potential clients. Learn More

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