About Domain Name Marketing Group, LLC

Domain Name Marketing Group, LLC (DNMG) is an internet marketing and business consulting company that provides small-to-medium sized businesses with the tools needed to grow in an efficient and cost effective manner.  DNMG focuses first and foremost on your local presence.  Then, depending on your individualized needs, we will prepare and guide you through regional, national, and/or international expansion.

Mission Statement:

To provide revenue growth and marketing efficiency to small and medium sized businesses by utilizing our Marketing Dominance Philosophy, combined with our advanced knowledge of internet technology, cost awareness, and the ability to market on local, national, and global levels.   We are determined to provide our clients with a scalable and manageable amount of growth, superior customer service, education, and continued success.

DNMG’s advanced knowledge of internet web marketing technologies, along with our vast understanding of traditional marketing fundamentals, business analysis, and market research enables us to provide you with a well-rounded approach to increasing your sales and reducing your costs.

DNMG works with companies of varying sizes and stages of development. Whether your company is a law firm or a local beauty salon, whether you are individually-owned or a large corporation, and whether you are in the start-up stage or have been in business for forty years, our substantial technological expertise will help increase your sales, cut your costs, and provide you with a scalable and manageable amount of growth.

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