Apparel Retailer

International Apparel Startup:

DNMG was approached by a maternity and infant apparel global startup company to create and manage a complete internet campaign. As a startup there was little branding that had taken place and the company’s name was unrecognizable to the general public. With a startup budget it was imperative to produce quick revenue generating results in order to continue and expand our marketing campaign.

We accomplished this by starting with a local and social marketing campaign, while working on improving the search engine optimization (SEO) on their website. While the local campaign costs money to run, the latter two strategies are minimal in cost and help us achieve local dominance.

Local marketing was achieved using the top three search engines PPC (pay-per-click) advertising platforms, contacting local specialty apparel retailers, and providing product samples to parenting class instructors.

Social marketing was highly effective in boosting sales promptly and with little cost to the startup. By utilizing social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and various mother-to-be web forums, we were able to generate a sizable buzz.

After an initial 12-week local and social campaign the results were more than sufficient to move onto the national level. This was achieved by expanding the PPC campaign throughout the United States. While collecting data from our campaigns, we were able to improve cost efficiency while increasing our website conversions. We maintained our social approach throughout the entire length of our marketing campaign.

After 6 months of data collection, increased sales, and improving ROI, we attacked the global market. After extensive market research, we chose the Japanese and UK markets to approach first. Using contacts in various locations throughout the UK and Japan we were able to socially market both the maternity and infant apparel lines. We also expanded our PPC campaigns in both locations.

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