Mortgage Lead Generation

DNMG was approach by a nationally licensed mortgage company who was interested in generating their own mortgage leads. They were currently purchasing leads from various sources across the web and found the quality and cost of continuing this approach did not make sense. By purchasing leads they had increased competition and very little control over the lead quality.

We were asked to use their existing lead purchasing budget as a start for their own campaign. DNMG utilized both PPC (pay-per-click) and their “multiple mini-sites” approach.

The PPC campaign was extensive, using over 5500 keywords, focusing on higher net worth areas, and constantly running data tables to improve performance. The mini-site approach was achieved by acquiring and purchasing 30 domain names related to the specialty lending fields our client focused on. We were then able to build those 30 mini sites into lead capturing websites.

DNMG was not only able to match their current lead intake, but we tripled it with the same budget. It actually got to a point where the company asked us to slow down so they could hire more loan officers to work the leads. We did just that, and after a few weeks the company had hired more staff and we got back to increasing lead production.

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