How Can a Small Business Increase Sales in Less Than 30 days?

Local Small Business Internet Marketing

Did you know?

Approximately 94% of consumers go online prior to purchasing a product or service (Source:  This means if your company is not easily found online you are missing out on a tremendous amount of new business.

How can a Small Business increase sales in less than 30 days?

The Short Answer:  Local Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is a simple concept, yet with the numerous amounts of advertising networks it is often an overwhelming task to take on yourself.  As a business owner you have numerous tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis.  While it is important to understand your marketing plan, it is often best to let an experienced Internet Marketer actually implement your ideas and help you achieve your marketing goals.

Let’s take a brief look at the many local advertising mediums on the internet:

  • Google AdWords
  • Google Places
  • Google Mobile Ads
  • Local Business Directory Websites
  • Yahoo Local
  • Bing Search Advertising
  • Local Facebook Advertising
  • Local LinkedIn Advertising
  • Business Association Publications
  • Local Networking Group Publications

Overwhelming, isn’t it?  This list of 10 local advertising sources is just a glimpse at what is available to you and your business.  Local Internet Marketing puts you in front of your potential customers when they are in the “buying” mode which helps make this form of marketing extremely cost efficient.

At DNMG we focus on providing you with a well thought out, industry specific, local internet marketing plan.  Further we can incorporate our internet marketing methods with your traditional marketing methods such as print and television.

DNMG has experience working with a variety of industry types such as Mortgage Companies, Law Firms, Accounting Firms, Tanning Salons, and various Contractor Services such as Roofers, Electricians, HVAC Companies, and more.

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Is a $500 Per Month Internet Advertising Budget Enough?

The question I hear most from clients is, “How much is this going to cost?”  As a business owner I completely understand why this question is asked.  As an Internet Marketer I have to hold back from shouting, “It’s not how much this is going to cost, its how much more money is this going to make me?” that they should be asking.

In nearly every case where we have implemented our Internet Marketing strategies the client has made money, more money than they made from their current marketing and advertising activities.  So it is our job as marketers to make sure the client fully understands just what is at stake and what is to gain when starting a new internet advertising campaign.

Let’s get back to the original question at hand, “Is $500 enough?”  The very short and simple answer to this question is ‘yes,’ but not without a few caveats.

Spending $500 per month on internet advertising probably won’t bring in a million dollars or 300 new leads for your business, but what $500 does do is provide you with a glimpse into the Power of Online Marketing.

Let’s take Pay-Per-Click advertising as an example.  PPC gives us the ability to customize an internet marketing strategy and target that strategy to very specific locations and demographics.  More importantly it enables us to track how well our strategies are working and provides us with a wealth of knowledge in the form of statistics.

We can use your $500 to create a small keyword list that is highly targeted to your specific products or services.  If it costs us $1.00 per click then we can get up to 500 clicks with your monthly budget.  Let’s say every 20 – 30 times someone clicks on your ad and they become either a customer, a lead, or signup to your mailing list.  Are these actions worth $20 – $30 to you?


What is PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising?

What is PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising?

Pay Per Click advertising, often referred to as PPC, is the most popular form of paid advertising online.  While Google didn’t invent PPC advertising, they definitely were the ones who mastered it.

Whether you own a business, manage a sales team, or have ecommerce web properties, you can benefit from what we call “The Power of PPC.”

What is PPC?  Pay-Per-Click ads are most often recognized as the ads you see on the top or right side of search engines.  When you enter a search query in Google (or just about any other search engine) you receive a list of search results that are typically very relevant to your entered search phrase.  There are two types of search results that you see:  Organic and Paid search results.

Organic results are those search results that you see in the center of your page.  People achieve organic search results through numerous SEO functions, but ultimately, these results are often because the website shown is highly relevant to your search.


The Importance of NOT Using Your Web Designer for Internet Marketing

“Web Designers are NOT (typically) internet marketing experts.”

I realize this sounds like a bold statement, but the fact remains that most Web Designers have absolutely no professional marketing background.

Why is this such an important statement to keep in mind?  Because I have had several new clients approach me who have worked with web designers and expected to see sales double or triple just because they have a new website.  Unfortunately, they were greatly disappointed.  The reality is that it takes much more than a flashy website to bring in new business online.  The competition is fierce but with the proper approach the competition can be overcome.

Your website needs to have the proper balance of certain factors that we call the “Internet Marketing Essentials.”  There are both design elements and sales elements that must go into the development of your website.  That means while having a flashy looking website might “look” nice to you, your visitors might not even care.  Here are a few design and sales elements your site must have to bring in new customers:

Sales Elements:

  • Deliver a clear and easy to define sales message
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Capabilities
  • A consistent “Call To Action”
  • Clear policies and contact information (Visitors must trust you)
  • Easy contact methods available: Phone, Chat, Email
  • Why is your business better than the rest? Client Reviews, Statements by Employees, Certifications, Etc.