Internet Marketing

Marketing is the act of promoting, selling, and distributing products and services.

Our marketing philosophy is simple: we believe in placing products and services in front of customers when they are in a ‘take action’ frame of mind.

DNMG focuses on delivering traditional marketing strategies combined with cost-effective internet marketing strategies in order to expose your company to appropriate target markets for a highly effective result.

Combining the basic fundamentals of marketing with modern technological marketing methods, we make it our #1 priority to place your company in front of consumers when they are looking to buy.

Our knowledge of internet marketing methods enables us to make our clients and their products stand out from the rest.  Our targeted internet marketing approach can be achieved on a local, national, or global level.

For more detailed information on our Internet Marketing approach, please click on one of the links below:

  • Local Internet Marketing – companies who serve a specific area (e.g., plumbers, tutoring centers, or local health spas).
  • National Internet Marketing – companies who serve the entire United States or a large portion of the country (e.g., law firms, clothing retailers, or franchises).
  • Global Internet Marketing – companies looking to sell their products or services in more than one country (e.g., telecommunications, textiles, or natural resources).

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