Is a $500 Per Month Internet Advertising Budget Enough?

The question I hear most from clients is, “How much is this going to cost?”  As a business owner I completely understand why this question is asked.  As an Internet Marketer I have to hold back from shouting, “It’s not how much this is going to cost, its how much more money is this going to make me?” that they should be asking.

In nearly every case where we have implemented our Internet Marketing strategies the client has made money, more money than they made from their current marketing and advertising activities.  So it is our job as marketers to make sure the client fully understands just what is at stake and what is to gain when starting a new internet advertising campaign.

Let’s get back to the original question at hand, “Is $500 enough?”  The very short and simple answer to this question is ‘yes,’ but not without a few caveats.

Spending $500 per month on internet advertising probably won’t bring in a million dollars or 300 new leads for your business, but what $500 does do is provide you with a glimpse into the Power of Online Marketing.

Let’s take Pay-Per-Click advertising as an example.  PPC gives us the ability to customize an internet marketing strategy and target that strategy to very specific locations and demographics.  More importantly it enables us to track how well our strategies are working and provides us with a wealth of knowledge in the form of statistics.

We can use your $500 to create a small keyword list that is highly targeted to your specific products or services.  If it costs us $1.00 per click then we can get up to 500 clicks with your monthly budget.  Let’s say every 20 – 30 times someone clicks on your ad and they become either a customer, a lead, or signup to your mailing list.  Are these actions worth $20 – $30 to you?

Now, let’s take the most favorable response out of the equation, which is a sale or conversion.  What we also get from that $500 is information.  We can see demographic information about who clicked on your ads.  We can tell what time of day they clicked, what location they clicked from, which ad they clicked, which pages they looked at once they got to your website, and numerous amounts of other useful information.

As Marketing and Advertising professionals we can then use this information to help improve your campaign.  Each month we can fine tune our efforts to further increase your conversions and ultimately your sales.

So while $500 isn’t enough to ‘take over the world,’ it is enough for us to start a campaign that is full of useful data, and most likely get you enough in sales to cover your costs.  Once you’re feeling comfortable with your new found internet marketing success, we can talk about increasing your budget.  Our goal is to prove to you how well Internet Marketing works and how well we know Internet Marketing.  We want you to see its Power and recognize the benefits of such a scalable marketing endeavor.

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