Business Planning & Development

Without a plan, your business may lack direction and your focus (and time) may be wasted on non-beneficial tasks.  Business plans are essential to stay on track; they help you create specific goals that you can work towards on a daily basis.

We work with companies in the start-up stage or existing companies looking to improve on their existing business plan.

As a start-up company, it is imperative that you have specific goals (both short- and long-term), a defined corporate structure, marketing plans, appropriate financing, legal protection, locations, and profit potentials, among many other things.  DNMG will work with you to create a business plan that suits your vision of how your company should be developed.  Once a business plan is created, we will assist you in implementing and developing your business into one that boasts longevity and competitive superiority.

As an existing company, you may be looking to enter into a new niche, or you have an opportunity for growth that you just cannot pass up.  We will help to integrate your existing business plan into your new business focus.  We will assist with market research, profit potentials, and the probability of success for any given venture.

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