Small Businesses “Going Big” – How Marketing Your Business Online Can Change Your Company Forever

“I didn’t know we could do that.  I thought we needed to have a large budget in order to Advertise on the Internet.”

The above quote (or a similar variation) is often what I hear during initial consultations with my small business clients.  Many of them have this belief that marketing or advertising online costs an ‘arm and a leg.’  The reality is that while it does cost money, relative to the return it is often the most efficient way to spend your hard earned dollars.

So how can a small business ‘Go Big’ using Internet Advertising?

Take for instance a local Roofing Contractor and their current costs for marketing and advertising locally.  Many contractors will advertise in Coupon Packs, Community Newsletters such as a Home Owners Associations or Churches, Diner Placemats, the Phonebook, and possibly place signs around town.  Let’s break down the costs of these marketing efforts:

  • Coupon Packs – $325/ month
  • Newsletters – $180/ month
  • Diner Placemats – $200/ month
  • Phonebook – $50/ month
  • Local Signage – $100/ month
    • Total Monthly Advertising Costs = $855.00

I am not saying that these types of marketing and advertising efforts are not a good idea.  I actually think they have their place and can be very helpful in bringing in new business.  However, for comparison purposes let’s look at how an Internet Marketing Campaign with a similar budget compares.

Using the same budget shown above of $855 per month on Internet Marketing we have the ability to do more.  How?  Measurability, Targeting, and Scalability.

First, let’s talk about the “measurability factor” of traditional marketing efforts.  As you can see, it is very difficult to measure the success rates of each of the marketing efforts above.  You can ask every person who calls where they found you which is not an extremely accurate method, or you can setup a different phone number for each method and track the calls that come in.  Now, I know most small businesses don’t want the hassle of multiple phone lines, plus we strongly advise against having more than one main phone number. (We can get into that in another article)

Why did I mention tracking above?  Because tracking tells you whether or not you are wasting your money or not.  Without accurate tracking how can you determine if spending money on one method is better than another method?  You can’t, which is why with internet marketing we are at a big advantage.  We can track results and make changes on the fly, often within minutes if need be.  This means we can tell you exactly how much money every dollar of your advertising is making you.

Next let’s look at “Targeting.”  Targeting is another big advantage of Internet Marketing.  We have the ability to place ads directly in front of actively shopping customers.  For example:

Let’s say Mrs. Smith is looking to have a new roof put on her house.  One of the first things Mrs. Smith does is goes online to her favorite search engine and types in, “Roofing Contractors in Cherry Hill, NJ.”  Now what Mrs. Smith will see are search results listing local roofing contractors, some sponsored ads at the top and side of the search page, and a map showing nearby companies.

We can make sure that Mrs. Smith sees your company’s ad along with any special offers you might provide to attract new clients.  When Mrs. Smith clicks on your ad she will be sent to a page on your website specifically designed to help provide her with the information she needs to determine whether or not you are the company to hire.  Our job is to make sure she does.

Lastly, we have the ability to scale based on results.  Using the data that we collect from our tracking we can determine where it is best for you to spend marketing dollars.  If we find that one service converts better than another we can focus more “spend” on that niche.  We can also advertise in more areas, on more websites, and ultimately increase business at a pace that is manageable for you.

Would you like to advertise on the internet?  Let us help.  Just give us a call at 856-336-8255 or complete the short form on the right to schedule your free consultation.

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