The Importance of NOT Using Your Web Designer for Internet Marketing

“Web Designers are NOT (typically) internet marketing experts.”

I realize this sounds like a bold statement, but the fact remains that most Web Designers have absolutely no professional marketing background.

Why is this such an important statement to keep in mind?  Because I have had several new clients approach me who have worked with web designers and expected to see sales double or triple just because they have a new website.  Unfortunately, they were greatly disappointed.  The reality is that it takes much more than a flashy website to bring in new business online.  The competition is fierce but with the proper approach the competition can be overcome.

Your website needs to have the proper balance of certain factors that we call the “Internet Marketing Essentials.”  There are both design elements and sales elements that must go into the development of your website.  That means while having a flashy looking website might “look” nice to you, your visitors might not even care.  Here are a few design and sales elements your site must have to bring in new customers:

Sales Elements:

  • Deliver a clear and easy to define sales message
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Capabilities
  • A consistent “Call To Action”
  • Clear policies and contact information (Visitors must trust you)
  • Easy contact methods available: Phone, Chat, Email
  • Why is your business better than the rest? Client Reviews, Statements by Employees, Certifications, Etc.

Design Elements:

  • Clean Website Design without unnecessary clutter
  • Proper Layout and Content Flow:  Does your website feel natural to your visitors?
  • Colors should be soft and not over powering
  • Content Management: The ability to update content yourself
  • No one likes “Pop-Up” ads and offers
  • Text needs to be properly sized and easy to read

These are just a few examples of the balance every website needs.  At DNMG we work with Web Designers to help implement the appropriate balance between sales and design.  We will work with your Web Designer or one of ours to make sure your site is both “Design Ready” and “Sales Ready.”

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